Monday, December 14, 2009

Climate change is a heated topic that is not considered important by many, while some think of it as necessary to be discussed. A certain aspect of climate change that has been drawn to my attention are the melting glaciers, which has been the center of all discussion throughout the world.
There are many various sides of which this story unfolds. It could have been a natural cause, seeing that the earth is very old and it is growing older day by day. Or it could be the actions of humans that seems to be causing this melt down.
Animals are also losing their habitats because of this arising disaster, some do not only lose their home, but they also become extinct. Either through humans torturing them or their living environment becomes unsuitable for them. This could be due to flooded areas, or scarce amounts of food. Most people who live in flood prone countries tends to feel this melting effect, as they’ve lost their homes and have to migrate elsewhere.
This matter may not be affecting certain people now but maybe later if none plans to make it their problem too, they could be at risk.

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